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The 2008 edition of the Festival is entirely dedicated to the key issue of Diversity, an essential element of life and culture.

To help visitors find their way around the over 350 events on the program, they have all been grouped into 6 different theme areas which represent a virtual interdisciplinary “narrative” route depending on which point of view the concept of Diversity is to be analyzed.

Within the whole program is online it will be possible to select the different types of events which you are interested in (shows, exhibitions, conferences, performances, etc.).

Here is a brief presentation of the theme areas:

THE DIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY: a look at the near future through the best solutions for our days to come and the innovations that are now a part of our lives, such as robots and nanotechnology. 

THE DIVERSITY OF IDEAS: this is the area of ideas and debate in ethics, philosophy, history, human sciences and the economy. An area to understand innovation starting with the dialectic exchange between different points of view.

THE DIVERSITY OF LANGUAGE: this area explores the languages and cultures of the world, the forms of artistic expression, or the thousands faces of mathematics. This gives a tangible view of how the word is only one of the many communication codes we use each and every day.

THE DIVERSITY OF MATTER: this area deals with physics and chemistry, matter and substances, with the aim of making the scientific laws that govern the universe we live in more accessible.

THE DIVERSITY OF THE MIND: this area is dedicated to psychology and neurosciences but above-all it is a journey inside the labyrinth of the human mind to explore its potential and extraordinary results.

THE DIVERSITY OF LIFE: from biology to genetics, the events in this area place attention on the diversities in the world and on the experiences of those who have to face and live with their own diversity on a daily basis.
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