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This year as well the Festival will provide its unforgettable entertainers and scientific explainers. Five hundred guys and girls – university students, graduates, grad students and young researchers – will transform every visit to the Festival into a chance to learn something for everyone. Selected from over 900 candidates, the 500 will prepare for the Festival by following a theoretical and practical training course with lessons that vary from how to explain scientific information to the ability of expression, held by teachers which come from the world of science, communications and theater. Training is enhanced for the second year in a row by an advanced course called EASE (European Academy For Scientific Explainers), which will take place from the 14th October to the 4th November, for 40 scientific explainers with experience, selected out of all the applications submitted by the 2nd September 2008.

The presence and work of entertainers are made possible thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa.

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